Try traditional Polish dishes and fall in love with regional products from all over Poland

The philosophy of our kitchen oscillates around the four seasons – we always use fruit and vegetables characteristic for a given season to be sure that they are of natural origin and once a given season is over, we use different marinades and pickles. Our chefs form a wonderful team of people passionate about cooking. They are all experienced cooks who were trained by recognized chefs.



17 zł


grilled mountain cheese served with cranberries 2 pcs.

29 zł

Roman snails from Warmia in garlic butter 6 pcs.

45 zł

Beef tenderloin tartare

freshly minced with bio-egg served with bread

17 zł

Lard with bread on sourdough and pickled cucumber

59 zł

Plate of Polish regional specialities

hams and cheeses for two 200 g served with bread

21 zł

Herring in linseed oil

with onions and potatoes

150 zł

Sturgeon’s black caviar 25 g

from Polish fish breeding

19 zł

Potato with cottage cheese with cream, chive and radish

27 zł

Goat in beetroot


17 zł

Zalewajka soup

soup from Łódź made on sourdough, with thick cream and sizzling fat 0.25 l

17 zł

Tomato soup

with poured noodles

23 zł

Sour rye soup in bread loaf

with bio-egg and white sausage 0.25 l

17 zł


every day freshly cooked, savoury and served with home-made noodles 0.25 l

21 zł

Warsaw style tripe 0.25 l

17 zł

Soup of the day

every day something new


55 zł

Barley groats stew

with vegetables fried on butter

31 zł

Perch fillets

served with lentils and vegetables

69 zł

Lamb shank

with stewed cabbage and spinach potato dumplings

69 zł

Pork knuckle

roasted in dark beer with cabbage and potatoes

1/4 - 48 zł
1/2 - 69 zł

Roasted duck

served with cranberries, apple pancakes and glazed beetroot

55 zł

Goose leg

with salad and potatoes

59 zł

Roasted rabbit saddle

in cream with potatoes

69 zł

Polish beef tenderloin grilled with vegetables


35 zł

Cabbage rolls

stuffed with minced pork meat with tomato sauce and potatoes 2 pcs.

36 zł

Home-made bigos

from Greater Poland with slowly cooked forest mushrooms and red wine 250 g served with bread

44 zł

Pork chop with a bone

stewed cabbage and potatoes

45 zł

Polish grilled sausages

set of three sausages (traditional sausage, white sausage and blood sausage) served with bread, horseradish, mustard and ketchup 3 pcs.

39 zł

Pork roast

with potatoes and raw salad

45 zł

Lublin forshmak

beef goulash served on barley groats with a spoon of cream 250 g


28 zł

Potato and cheese pierogies (6 pcs.)

with lard and cream

35 zł

Duck pierogies (6 pcs.)

served with cranberries

28 zł

Spinach and goat cheese pierogies (6 pcs.)

28 zł

Cabbage and forest mushrooms pierogies (6 pcs.)

with butter

39 zł

Mix of pierogies (8 pcs.)

4 types of pierogies 2 pcs. each


35 zł

Fresh vegetables salad with goat cheese from Masuria (200 g)

35 zł

Fresh vegetables salad with duck breast (200 g)


5 zł

Cranberries from Kampinos Forest

4 zł

Juniper mustard from Lesser Poland

4 zł

Galician ketchup

4 zł

Masurian horseradish

11 zł

Marinated mushrooms from Tuchola Forest (50 g)

15 zł

Mix of raw salads

20 zł

Seasonal lettuce

7 zł

Boiled potatoes (250 g)

7 zł

Potato dumplings (150 g)

5 zł

Sourdough bread 2 pieces


25 zł

Boletus truffle

milk chocolate and boletus mousse

23 zł


A traditional Borderlands Easter dessert

17 zł

Home-made apple pie

19 zł

Home-made cheesecake

21 zł

Seasonal dessert

plum cake

22 zł

Home-made ice cream

65 zł

Plate of traditional Polish desserts



9 zł

Polish forest and meadows fruit tea (0,2l)

7 zł

Black or green tea (0,2l)


8 zł

Americano (0,12l)

6 zł

Espresso (0,05l)

12 zł

Cappucino (0,15l)


0,3l - 6 zł
0,7l - 12 zł

Mineral water still/sparkling

gazowana / niegazowana

7 zł

Apple juice (0,2l)

11 zł

Cherry juice (0,2l)

13 zl

Rose hip juice (0,2l)

9 zł

Tomato juice (0,3l)

8 zł

Natural bread sourdough (0,3l)


0,25l - 9 zł
0,5l - 14 zł

Polish apples cider (4,5% alc.)

0,25l - 12 zł
0,5l - 19 zł

Polish apples cider with Żubrówka


0,25l - 9 zł
0,5l - 14 zł

Żywe - unpasteurised

0,25l - 9 zł
0,5l - 14 zł

Koźlak - dark beer


15 zł

Miodowe (0,5l)

15 zł

Pszeniczniak – wheat unfiltered beer

15 zł

Wiśnia w piwie (0,5l)

8 zł

Lech non-alcoholic (0,3l)


0,125l - 14 zł
0,250l - 23 zł


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